Simple Software Internet Voice Conferencing Communications

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to run the Chatterbox software?
You need to have a Windows98/ME/2000/XP computer connected to the Internet.
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How do I get support for the product?
Our standard support policy is to contact us by email with your need and we will respond within 4 business hours. However, if you need something more personal or more timely, we can negotiate such terms as part of your purchase.
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When will you offer video transmission so my friends can see live video pictures of me?
First, why would someone want to see your picture? Just kidding. Having video as an option is on our "to do" list. Remember, though, most people don't have enough bandwidth to make it worth having and it also interferes greatly with the voice quality.
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Will you ever offer this neat product on a Macintosh?
Essentially, the answer is no. However you could run the VirtualPC product on your MAC and it will work just fine.
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How do uninstall this program?
You will find the uninstaller in the control panel under add/remove programs. Look for "Conference Client Uninstall"
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I am a shaw cable user and the client keeps crashing.
Shaw cable uses a proxy that responds unpredictably. We have been unable to resolve the cause of the crash. However a simple work around is to start IE, go to tools->internet options. In the dialog box click on the connections tab, then on the button "lan settings". In the new box "unselect" the checkbox "Automatically detect settings". This will have no adverse affect on normal web browsing and will allow our client to run without crashing.
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