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Web Meetings

Collaborate and communicate! Share information, applications and ideas without ever leaving your office.


Meet online to close more business faster and at a lower cost of sale than traditional methods, or even other competing online methods.


Train more people with fewer resources using interactive e-learning centers. Or setup distance education classrooms and train virtually anywhere.


Use multimedia presentations to reach more prospects at a lower cost per lead.


Whether with customers, partners, colleagues, or just friends, communicate at a lower cost than traditional conference bridges.

Keynote Conference

Keynote conference delivers immediate benefits to your organization by providing a powerful way to share information with customers, partners and colleagues, anywhere anytime. Here are just a few of the key features:

  • Telephony grade Voice over IP
  • Business Class Collaboration
    • Co-Browsing
    • Powerpoint / Flash Presentation Sharing
    • Application Sharing
    • Whiteboard
  • Firewall Friendly
  • Secure
    • User Authentication
    • Encrypted Communications
  • Recordable Sessions
  • Reliable - Over a million users a month

For a complete list of features and a screen shot of the interface click here.

Web conferences bring many benefits to an organization: reduced costs, increased contact with prospects and faster time to meet with contacts. All of these result in increased bottom line for your company.

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