Simple Software Internet Voice Conferencing Communications

Introducing Keynote Conference

Keynote conference delivers immediate benefits to your organization by providing a powerful way to share information with customers, partners and colleagues, anywhere anytime. Here are just a few of the key features:

  • Telephony grade Voice over IP
  • Business Class Collaboration
    • Co-Browsing
    • Powerpoint / Flash Presentation Sharing
    • Application Sharing
    • Whiteboard
  • Firewall Friendly
  • Secure
    • User Authentication
    • Encrypted Communications
  • Recordable Sessions
  • Reliable - Over a million users a month

Web conferences bring many benefits to an organization: reduced costs, increased contact with prospects and faster time to meet with contacts. All of these result in increased bottom line for your company.

You'll find our prices and a comparison chart by clicking here.

User Interface Details

The Web Conferencing client is secured by optional user authentication and through encrypted communications. Rest easy knowing that your presentation is being viewed only by those intended to do so.

The client breaks down into 4 main areas:
  • Container
    • Menus
    • Toolbars.
      • These are visible or hidden depending on what part of the application you are using
    • Cobrand Logo
    • Status Bar
      • Error / Status Messages
      • # of users in the room
      • Status of the microphone
      • A VU meter to show relative loudness of the audio
      • Connection Meter to show quality of connection to the server.

  • User List
    • This is a list of users in the room. Also shown is the current speaker, and the queue of users waiting to speak. If the queue is disabled, then only the user currently speaking will have a green bubble next to their alias. Users who have been muted will have a red bubble next to their name.

  • Text Chat
    • The Messages as posted to the room are in the larger top window
    • You can type in the lower window and hit ENTER to send the text chat.
    • If private text chat is enabled, right click on the user and click on private.
    • If alerts are enabled then any message sent to this window will result in an alert.

  • Collaboration
    • Co-Browse - this is an integrated IE browser. To enable co-browsing, select "follow me" or "synch web page" under the moderator menu.

    • PowerPoint / Flash Presentation. This allows you to share PowerPoint or flash presentations
    • Application Share
    • Whiteboard