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Keynote Conference Pricing

Keynote conference delivers immediate benefits to your organization by providing a powerful way to share information with customers, partners and colleagues, anywhere anytime. Here are our different pricing options available for online conference room rentals:

Basic Standard Premiere
1-99 Users $2.00 User/Month $5.00 User/Month $10.00 User/Month
100-500 Users $2.00 User/Month $4.00 User/Month $8.00 User/Month
501+ Users $1.50 User/Month $3.50 User/Month $7.00 User/Month

Voice Options

Telephony Grade Quality
Hi-Fidelity Optional    
Talk Time Limit
Queue Management

Text Options

Formatable Rich Text
Public/Private Text
Persistent News Window  
Text Replacement (Profanity Filter)    

Collaboration Options

Web Synchronization
Presentation Sharing  
Application Sharing    

Additional Features

Firewall Friendly
User Authentication
Recordable Sessions  

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Option Definitions & Details


Alerts allow you to be notified whenever someone types a particular word or phrase. For example if someone types the word "help" you can be alerted. Alerts can take the form of a sound being played, or you can send the text message to an email address (for example your cell phone or pager) or you can pass the message on to another program.

Application Sharing

Application sharing allows you to share a particular program or your entire desktop with other conference attendees. You are not giving away control of your computer, simply allowing the conference participants to view what you do on your computer.


Keynote Conference is a very secure program. All communications are encrypted. Authentications is like putting a guard at the front door and requiring your participants to show a ticket before being allowed in. There are 3 possible levels of "users" or participants.

Room Admin - This is the highest level. It allows not only user and moderator privileges, but also allows you to configure various features of the room.

Moderator - This is normally the presenter in the conference. A moderator can do things like lead presentations, ban or mute users, Screen Text, and post Polls.

User - This is really just a participant or person who is in the conference purely to view. Although the room can be configured to all certain privileges to users.

These various levels of authentication. By default the room is configured to require no authentication for users, and the Room Admin and Moderators share the same password.

Arrangements can also be made to integrate our Authentication into your own back end systems. This allows for your customers to have a single logon.


You may have noticed the small window that first came up when launching the conference room client. This window is called a splash page. This same window is where you enter your screen name, or alias, or login name or user name and password. This window can be branded to appear like your own company. Additionally in the actual conference client in the upper right hand corner is a logo. This logo can also be changed to be your own.


Co-Browsing is like Web Synchronization on steroids. This feature is a little slower than Web-Synch and requires more bandwidth, however it ensures that all users will be able to see exactly what you see on your web browser. This allows you to perform web tours into more secure websites, or into websites that provide personalized content based upon cookies or some other form of user identification.

Markup the pages, underline, circle, etc. Whatever you draw on your browser everyone will see as well.

Firewall Friendly

There's a lot of hype these days about P2P (peer to peer). We think it's a great technology and certainly has it's place. However reality also tells us that most firewall administrators are not very keen on the idea of opening inbound ports on their firewall. Even without the constant threat of viruses and worms and trojans and so forth, Security 101 teaches that the less ports open on a firewall the better.

Therefore we have decided to implement a server based solution. Most consumer firewalls allow traffic in one direction. Outbound. Therefore 95% of the time no configuration is required on a consumer firewall. Most commercial firewalls are typically configured to allow secure web browsing. This configuration allows the conference client to communicate with the server.


News looks a lot like text chat, however the messages sent to the news window are persistent. Even if you log out of the conference room and then log back in the news messages are still there. Please note, this is not a RSS type new feed. It is simply a place where you can post persistent messages of interest to your conference participants.

Presentation Sharing

Take your Powerpoint or Flash presentations and upload them to the server, the you can share your presentation with all the conference participants. An excellent use of this feature is for distance learning, or on-line classes. Sales presentations, new product training, etc. Do you have a Regional, National or World-Wide sales force? Now you can provide training for them without the travel costs.

Public / Private Text

Sometimes you want the whole world to know your thoughts, and sometimes you just want to whisper to a friend. Public and Private Text chat follow the same principle. You can either post a message to all participants in a room, or carry on a private conversation with just one participant. The room can also be configured to require a moderator to screen the text first before it is posted to the entire room.


Have you ever noticed that usually if 2 people start to talk at exactly the same time they will both stop talking. Then begins a round of negotiations..."go ahead", "no, you go ahead", this continues until finally someone gets to talk. In a conference this can be distracting and waste valuable time. Therefore the conference room is configured by default to enforce a one person talks at a time logic. However we have a queue. This allows many people to "line up" to speak. When the person speaking is done, the microphone is given to the next person in line.

Rich Text

There are many text chat programs on the market. We do not claim to be the best text chat program. However we have incorporated the most common and asked for features from IM's (Instant Messengers) and text chat programs. For example you can change your text to be bold, italics, underlined, a different color, or even a different font. Hyperlinks are clickable, and emoticons are welcome . You can save your text, or print it.

Session Recording

Sessions can be recorded for later playback. There are 2 technologies available. One is server based the other is client based. Server side session recording will record most of the activities in the conference room. Then using a simple web link participants can play back the recording. Client side session recording is like taking a video camera and pointing it at the screen. It records a WMV (Windows MoVie). This file can be played back in Windows Media Player. This file is stored on the client, or can be uploaded to a web server.

Talk Timer

Some people, it seems, can talk forever. This is perfectly fine, however if you want to limit the expressions of your participants to lets say 30 seconds or 1 minute you can do so.

Text Replacement

Otherwise known as a profanity filter. Sometimes we just don't want to hear it. So...replace it. Or perhaps you might not like your competitors very much. Just for fun you can replace their name (every time it's typed in the text chat) with any other word or phrase you can think of. We'll leave the creativity up to you.

Video Quality

There are many factors that affect the quality of video conferencing. We're still not sure about the curlers and pajamas, but if you really want to see the participants in the conference you can. Quality is affected primarily by 2 things...quality of the image and frames per second. Quality of the image determines how clear a picture appears. And frames per second determines how choppy or smooth the motion appears. We have very complex algorithms that help balance all the factors, however we can work with you to modify these settings to your liking.

Voice Quality

"Can you hear me now?"....Absolutely! We could talk for hours about our Coded Liner Predictive Algorithms and automatic jitter compensation, but we wouldn't want to bore you. What you really want is good, solid, clear audio. Our primary voice quality uses the same technology used in Cell Phones around the world, except without all the "dead spots". We've been told that it's as good as a regular telephone call.

Additionally if you really want everyone to hear you sing, or you just want to play music for all your participants, a high-fidelity version is available too.

Web Synchronization / Web Touring

The original co-browsing. The easiest way to explain this feature is with an example. Lets say you have found a really cool website and you want all your friends or co-workers to know about it. What do you do? You copy the link (URL) and paste it into an e-mail and send it off to everyone. They in turn, click on the link and are viewing relatively the same page you are. Of course, it might be different if the content is customized based upon the visitor. This same concept is what Web Synchronization (or Follow-Me) is all about. You can lead your conference participants through a tour of the web, or of a presentation, or of your own website.


The world is your canvas, but please don't spray paint the mailboxes (it's a crime you know). Have a quick idea to share? Want to markup a web page? How about a CAD drawing for your new home...want to move that wall? Whiteboard lets you take any canvas, it could be blank, or it could be a screen shot, and mark it up. Draw with different colors and shapes. Move the shapes around, delete them, etc. Stamp it with your signature or any other image, then save it for later use.

You can also automate the screen capture of another application for sharing in the conference room. Perhaps a financial chart, or....hmmm....well anything, yes any other application can be automatically captured and placed on the whiteboard for viewing or markup.